Car Headrest

  • Car headrest, car headrest with four seasons of breathable and comfortable neck protection, slow rebound memory foam car headrest, make driving a kind of enjoyment, cervical curve design, long-term driving, just right support, comfortable experience improvement, good “core” .
  • Three-dimensional support, comfortable sitting, ergonomic design, effectively support the cervical spine, disperse pressure, relieve fatigue, head support, fit the head gap.
  • The curved support design can support the neck and effectively relieve the soreness. The bottom arc design can effectively protect the shoulders and disperse pressure.
  • Soft and skin-friendly, breathable and sweat-wicking, good core, good cotton, soft, elastic, breathable, light luxury, memory cotton, pay attention to every detail.
  • The special cushioning material for the space capsule relieves the impact of a sudden brake rear-end collision on the head and neck. It provides stable support while also absorbing the impact, dispersing and reducing neck pressure to protect the fragile cervical spine like an egg. It is comfortable like a cloud. The core experience makes driving a kind of enjoy.


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